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Welcome to Road Runner Pet Nanny!

Thank you for your interest in The Road Runner Pet Nanny!  Unfortunately I am not accepting new clients at this time as I am fully booked.

I am a mature, experienced live-in pet sitter who is in the business of loving and caring for other people’s pets. I live in Washington state and travel to all parts of the Pacific Northwest.  I spend most of my days pet sitting from Mukilteo to Renton, and Bainbridge Island to Issaquah and everywhere in between.

I know that your pet is an important part of your family, and my mission is to care for him or her in the style to which he or she is accustomed while you are away.  I care for all pets and all breeds of dogs, and specialize in the love and care of Italian Greyhounds.

I charge very reasonable rates so that you can afford to provide the lap of luxury for your pets.  I live in your house so your pets feel as comfortable as possible during your absence.  Whether it’s for a week or several months, your pets will have 24-hour, around-the-clock care.  I don’t come for 30-minute visits and then leave – I stay and play, cuddle, exercise, feed, and love your pets all day and night.  Does your pet normally sleep with you?  Then he or she can sleep with me!  Does your pet have special dietary needs?  I will feed accordingly.  Is your pet accustomed to certain treats during certain times of the day?  I’ll be there to love and pamper them and to make sure your every instruction is followed down to the last detail!

Whether you are going away on business or vacation, e-mail me to check on availability and we can talk about your unique situation!

Thank you for visiting Road Runner Pet Nanny!

Willa Reynolds


June 8, 2009 at 12:46 am 2 comments