Dear Willa,
We can’t thank you enough for the phenomenal care you provided for Honey while we were away for our wedding & honeymoon – the piece of mind you provided us was invaluable.  Thank you also for the very sweet card and beautiful flowers – that was too nice of you!  We look forward to having you sit for Honey again.
Warmly, Allison & Jonathan
P.S. We LOVED your Christmas card!!
Thank you so much for pet sitting for us.  They boys love you!  We are looking forward to having you back again.
Kristi & Cheri
Dear Willa,
I wanted to thank you for taking such excellent care of our pets and home.  The house looked better than I left it and it’s clear that my animals were well cared for.
Russell looks great!  He has put on some weight and is seeking out affection.  It’s so great to watch him blossom 🙂
Knowing my critters are happy and comfortable while I’m away is priceless!
Thank you so much!
Dear Willa,
Thank you ever so much for coming all the way across the country to stay with Maddie & Zoey.  It is always such a huge relief when you are here because I know the girls are in such good hands.  I know you spoiled them while I was gone even though Zoey is sometimes a little devil.
Thank you again Willa…I am so appreciative!  Hope to see you soon.
Love, Stacey
We just wanted to say “thanks!” for all that you do and for sending that package for us during Christmas time.  We feel very blessed to have met you and, even though we came together through means of business, I want you to know that we love you and enjoy talking with you.  Thanks for your kindness (and of course the dogs thank you with all their hearts)
Love, Nikki & Pierson, Luna & Reilly

Hi Willa:
I wanted to thank you again for your flexibility and ongoing willingness to help whenever.   Missing our flight was rather stressful knowing that we would either be delayed or have to put out a LOT of money to get home more quickly.  Your stepping up to watch Stacey’s babies and eliminate that worry from the mix was really, really appreciated.
Love you, Donna

Hi Willa,
We got home late last night and everything looked great as expected.  I missed Roma and let her sleep with us all night and she is still in there!  I’m so glad you were able to stay for us again.  Having you stay in our home makes leaving Roma much easier and traveling funner.  Thank you again.  We will definitely contact you again when we need a sitter and highly recommend you to all of our friends!
Jessica and Dan

Hi Willa,
Everything looks great!  And the dogs are happy and looked like they were well taken care of.  
Thank you again,
Hi Willa:
We got home around 12:50 today.  The pups and Wally were glad to see us, but not as excited as when we board them somewhere else. . . so we know they were happy having you with them.   Thanks again for everything.  The house looked great and we are SO happy to have you.  Will let you know soon about our February plans.
Becky and Dave

We are so glad you’re available.  We wouldn’t trust our babies with anyone else!
Thanks, Sarah & Greg

Just wanted to thank you again for being with Luna and Reilly this winter and playing their game with them!  Thanks for all that you do,
Nikki and Pierson
Luna and Reilly
the dogs send their love, rascally as usual….

Thank you again!  You truly make it worry free for me when you watch our doggies!
Teresa, Mabel & Eddie

Thanks much to Willa Reynolds ( https://roadrunnerpetnanny.com/) for sitting Calla & Brody so we could take Lukas on this last trip before we have to say goodbye to him. It was the most special wonderful trip we could take.  PS, Willa… The house was beautiful when we got home, I know it was in far better shape when we arrived home than when we left!! You are a super star! Thanks!!  Kate

Mike has a new name for you –“Willa the Wonderful”.  You even went to the recycle center, didn’t you?
I/We appreciate coming home to a clean house.  You were hired to take care of the animals and that is all we expected. You  went above and beyond – THANK YOU! If you need any more references you can use us, that’s for sure!
Have a good evening – Thanks again!  Chris

Just wanted to quickly thank you for recommending Willa to me for dog sitting.  She honestly is  the best thing to have come into our lives from a dog perspective!  Not only  were my dogs completely happy and well cared for in my absence (and keep in mind  that my pups are super-high maintenance as you well know) but the house was also  spotless, plants were watered, and my car – which she had used to transport the  dogs to and from the park – was filled with gas when we returned late last night.  So nice to have someone here 24×7 looking after the house and the dogs.   So please thank your friends on Bainbridge for recommending her and know that if you  ever need anyone to watch after Jackie O I would recommend her in a heartbeat!  Jennifer

Willa, We cannot thank you enough for the amazing care you give our babies while we are away.  It is such a gift to be able to enjoy time away without worrying about them.  Thank you!  Sarah & Greg

We just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care  of Greta and Tyr while we were away. As Greta has gotten older we’ve struggled with how best to care for her while we’re away and are so glad to have found you who which enables us to keep her in a location and on a schedule she’s  comfortable with and know that she’ll have someone who will be incredibly kind  and compassionate to her during fireworks! We can’t tell you how much we  appreciate your time and attention in caring for both of them.
We look forward to seeing you again at the end of September!
Thanks again,
You rock Willa!  You are very fair and easy to do business with.  We think you already have mentioned dealing with special needs pets, but if that is not listed on your website, it might be good to include.  The website looks great.  We are very happy with everything you do and are so fortunate to have met you!
Nikki and Pierson
Luna and Reilly
Happy New Year to you! Are you kidding??? You ARE the Perfect Pet Nanny! And I know our critters would whole-heartedly agree!  Best wishes for a grand 2011!

Happy New Year Willa!
We look forward to you staying with Scouty in the future. Be it that we only had the benefit of meeting with you once, I can say we were quite happy with your service and the care you gave Scouty. We will recommend you to friends should the need arise…..
Take care.


I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the help you have given to me over the past couple of months.  Because of you I was able to leave the country and not worry about Maddie and Zoey because I knew they were in good hands.  The experience has been amazing and I look forward to having you back again and again!  You are part of the family now!

Many Thanks!


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  • 1. Nancy Fortner  |  June 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I concur with Stacey. You became part of the family when you stayed here and became Mother Superior to our crotchety old Otis and our young pup Poppy. Thanks to your quiet loving way, the transition was seamless, and I truly don’t think they noticed or cared that we weren’t home! It is such a comfort to leave home and know that everything will be safe, sound and calm upon our return.

  • 2. jane shiflett  |  September 29, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    I agree with Mike. Thanks Willa it was so nice to come home to a nice clean house and the dogs were all so well taken care of. I know you had one extra dog during the week and it was so nice of you to care for him too. We all really appreciate it. I can’t wait to go somewhere again knowing my house and my dogs are so well kept for. Thanks again Jane


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