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To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is an introduction and recommendation for the house and pet sitting credentials of Willa Reynolds. Willa took care of our home and animals for more than two weeks.

This included caring for and being companions to two jack russell terriers, one of which is in his 17th year and taking his last laps around the property. The other dog is an active two years old, and the baby of the family, who is used to sleeping with us. We returned to find two happy, contented dogs who were happy to see us, but in no way stressed by our absence. There were bets about who would get to sleep with the younger dog the night we came home!

In addition to the dogs, Willa took care of our flock of laying hens, collecting eggs and staring down the aggressive rooster who watches over them. Because of the cold weather, water for the hen house had to be schlepped a considerable distance from frost free faucets, which she accomplished cheerfully and efficiently.

We live in the country and have a tendency to power outages during stormy weather. Before we left, Willa learned the details of converting over to generator power without difficulty, and luckily did not have to put this knowledge into practice during our absence. We briefed Willa with a long list of details about the house and environment before our departure, and felt completely comfortable that she had things well in hand.

Coming home to happy animals and a spotless house was such a joy!  Knowing that everything was in competent, safe hands allowed us to leave home and enjoy our vacation without worry.

We recommend Willa without reservation to whoever is lucky enough to have her watch over their home and pets.

Nancy and Bob Fortner

Luna & Reilly

Hello fellow Italian Greyhound parents,

My husband and I, being new to the area from Florida, were in great need of finding a pet sitter. We needed one who would be able to live in our house, rather than just stopping by, and who could give meds to our 2 special little guys. Italian Greyhounds can be quite a handful sometimes.

We were very nervous about someone staying in our home while we visited family in Florida, but Willa Reynolds came to the rescue. My husband calls her Willa Poppins, ” the Mary Poppins of dog sitters”. Willa is very thorough and the dogs love her. She even gives us a lift to the airport and pick up. She is so reasonable and we feel that our dogs are in the best of care possible.

Why are we writing this? Well, we know how hard it is to find people to live-in pet sit who are trustworthy, and we know how awesome she is!

Nikki and Pierson

Other references available upon request


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